Among wedding venues in Switzerland, a gem in Zurich’s old town

Zunfthaus zur Meisen



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Here is where you’ll find the ideal atmosphere for weddings, birthday parties, balls, conferences, anniversary celebrations, funeral receptions, presentations or even fashion shows.

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Elisabeth and Xavier Christen stand behind this restoration operation with their engaged and long-standing team. They are living proof of a modern lifestyle in harmony with the palace’s historical architecture.

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The stately house was built in 1757 in the French style and in the tradition of a baroque city palace with a small cour d’honneur. It dates back to Zurich’s high period characterized by Bodmer and Breitinger.

Plenty of wedding venues in Switzerland, few with that special appeal

Granted, looking for wedding venues in Switzerland can be quite time-consuming. There are plenty of options available across the country, with Switzerland’s beautiful nature sometimes providing the background. However, some of these venues aren’t so easy to reach and certainly aren’t suitable for large congregations. But how about a location that exudes a classy appeal, provides you with world-class service and forms just the right backdrop to create wedding memories that last forever? Coupled with the proverbial Swiss hospitality, this is a place that impresses at first glance.

One of the most prolific of wedding venues in Switzerland

Zurich has many charming, neat and picturesque little corners. Those contrast nicely with the stately, representative buildings that mark much of the cityscape. Many of these are former guild houses, established in past centuries to provide a place for meetings, get-togethers and discussions among the powerful guild members who were vital to Zurich’s development. One of these marquee structures, the particularly beautiful Zunfthaus zur Meisen in Zurich’s old town, today is one of the most sought-after wedding venues in Switzerland.

Selecting wedding venues in Switzerland

It’s going to be the biggest day in your life, one that’s bound to create memories to be cherished forever. So naturally, you don’t want to leave anything about that day to chance. Thus, picking one of the wedding venues in Switzerland to host your event must be a deliberate process, one that’s best following a set of criteria. The appearance and atmosphere of a location tends to list high on that list of criteria and so does the question of whether a venue offers enough space for everyone. However, secondary issues such as the options for guests to stay overnight or the ease by which guests can get to the location must also be considered.

What to look for when considering wedding venues in Switzerland

Apart from these practical considerations, a few more items on the checklist for choosing among wedding venues in Switzerland must be taken care of. In particular, the services offered by the location need to be checked, as you certainly don’t want to be busy with a thousand errands on your big day. The best wedding venues will provide you with offerings for seating arrangements, room décor, entertainment options and, most importantly, for the food served.

A house that’s proud to be one of the best wedding venues in Switzerland

The Zunfthaus zur Meisen ranks highly among wedding venues in Switzerland. There are plenty of reasons for that assessment, for example the fact that the staff there is proud to offer an immaculate service every day. But the main factor continues to be the house itself. Situated in one of the most noteworthy quarters of Switzerland’s largest city, this Zurich institution impresses by its delicate architecture and even more by the rich design and the beautiful rooms on the inside.


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