Our Banquet Halls

The historical Grand Guild Hall where lectures, meetings, lunch presentations and exhibitions are held during the day, is reserved for grand celebrations, weddings, family events, concerts and banquets in the evenings. The hall with its magnificently crafted stucco ceiling is considered a gem of the rococo period and provides room for 240 guests.
You will not have that many guests? No problem – the Grand Guild Hall can be partitioned optically and acoustically into two smaller halls: the Northern Guild Hall and the Southern Guild Hall. The equally magnificent Wing Room can be used for events seating from 10 to 40 people. For luncheons and dinners, we do not charge for the room but ask that a certain minimum of food and drink is consumed. The minimum depends on size of the room, day of the week and season.

Tables and Seating

We will gladly advise you on the ideal seating arrangement all according to your event and the number of guests attending.
Standard seating: rectangular tables for 8 – 10 guests.
Round tables for 8 – 10 people are optional: rental fee per round table is CHF 60.00

Seat covers

On request, we will hire seat covers for our banquet chairs from Wedding & Events GmbH. Charge per chair is CHF 12.00.

Floral Arrangements / Decoration

A beautifully decorated table adds a special touch to any event. On request we will gladly arrange for flower bouquets, etc. Our florists know the premises and are true artists in their field.


Would you like to celebrate a bit longer than until the usual closing time at midnight? Tell us, and we will see to the necessary permit from the authorities.

Music / Entertainment

Set-up: beginning at 4 PM for evening events, free vehicle access for loading and unloading, no parking otherwise.
Strike: The band has 30 minutes to strike their equipment after the extension is over. Delays are charged at CHF 250.00 per hour or fraction thereof.

Printed Menu

A memento from a wonderful celebration keeps memories alive. How about a beautiful, printed menu for each one of your guests? Menus from the Zunfthaus zur Meisen are free of charge.

Food and Beverages

With the exception of bread, all dishes, including pastries, wedding cakes, dessert buffets, etc., are freshly prepared with loving care, a sense of tradition and according to the season in the kitchen of the Restaurant zur Meisen by our chef and his team. Your individual culinary tastes will guide us when creating a menu for you. For every dish an appropriate, fine wine can be found in our cellars.


The Piano Nobile on the first floor can be the prelude to your event. With a glass of wine or cocktail in hand, your guests will meet, mingle and get into the mood for the main event.


Upwards of 60 guests—and all according to the season—we recommend the services of our coatroom attendant. Your guests can leave their coats on the first floor. The coats will remain under guard until the guests leave. Cost: CHF 35.00 per hour or fraction thereof.


We will gladly accommodate your program and do your event justice. In order to do this, we must be given the number, the point in time and the lengths of possible speeches / presentations to be made during the dinner, or we cannot guarantee an impeccable service.

Overnight Stay

It will probably be late by the end of the event. Do you still want to drive home? Why not spend the night in the heart of Zurich? Our neighboring hotels have lovely rooms. Ask us for a recommendation.

Check List

  • Place, date
  • Number of guests
  • Type of event
  • Music, entertainment
  • Photographer
  • Food for musicians, artists
  • Cloakroom
  • Seating, tables
  • Technology required
  • Extension
  • Decoration, flowers, candles
  • Seating arrangement, place cards
  • Text for menu, language
  • Event management
  • Program
  • Apéro, reception
  • Menu and beverages
  • Midnight snack
  • Children’s menu
  • Vegetarians, allergists
  • Coffee and pastries
  • Spirits, liquors
  • Invoicing
  • Hosts
  • Transportation for guests
  • Security
  • Overnight accommodations