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Zunfthaus zur Meisen



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Here is where you’ll find the ideal atmosphere for weddings, birthday parties, balls, conferences, anniversary celebrations, funeral receptions, presentations or even fashion shows.

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Elisabeth and Xavier Christen stand behind this restoration operation with their engaged and long-standing team. They are living proof of a modern lifestyle in harmony with the palace’s historical architecture.

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The stately house was built in 1757 in the French style and in the tradition of a baroque city palace with a small cour d’honneur. It dates back to Zurich’s high period characterized by Bodmer and Breitinger.

Finding an event location in Zurich with an individual touch

Meetings and weddings, anniversaries and conferences, birthdays and award ceremonies. There are plenty of reasons to get together and Zurich, thanks to its standing in international business, is one of the world’s prime cities to host events of all sizes. However, some of these events will need a different setting than others to succeed. When choosing between event locations in Zurich, why not pick one with historic charm, elegance and a wide range of options to personalize your event?

This event location in Zurich can play different roles for you

Locations dedicated to certain uses often have the tendency to become so well known that after a while, events hosted there lose a little of their radiance. This is why people looking for an event location in Zurich often try to find a versatile venue that can assume different roles. Take the Zunfthaus zur Meisen for example. The halls available here vary in size and décor. But even more importantly, they can be fitted to host weddings in a grand, classic style just as well as conferences that require a range of technical equipment.

The classy event location in Zurich with the right framework for your wedding

A wedding will always be a one-of-a-kind moment. It’s only fitting that for this special occasion, everything is supposed to be perfect, including the venue where the reception and party is held. Few event locations in Zurich can provide you with the same classy atmosphere that Zunfthaus zur Meisen can offer. A historic building in the most notable part of the city, this venue comes with charming architecture and beautiful Rococo-style rooms that will effortlessly create the right mood and ambience for the most special day in your life.

An event location in Zurich that doubles as a business hub

Being located right in the center of Zurich comes with the bonus of being situated at the heart of a vibrant city with strong international ties. This is a place where deals are made, contracts are worked on and negotiations are conducted. Zunfthaus zur Meisen serves Zurich’s business community by providing a place to hold meetings and conferences in stately rooms, but also as an event location in Zurich to host receptions, company functions and a wide range of other business-related events.

Not just an event location in Zurich, but your event location

Whatever event you want to hold, you certainly don’t want others to determine its course and design or run into limitations. This is why the team at Zunfthaus zur Meisen will work with you to set up an event venue that’s customized to your wishes. Flower décor, seating arrangements and the food being served can be set up according to your wishes. Thanks to the long experience of the venue’s team and the remarkable culinary range, an event held at the old guild building will truly be your event.


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