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Zunfthaus zur Meisen



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Elisabeth and Xavier Christen stand behind this restoration operation with their engaged and long-standing team. They are living proof of a modern lifestyle in harmony with the palace’s historical architecture.

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The stately house was built in 1757 in the French style and in the tradition of a baroque city palace with a small cour d’honneur. It dates back to Zurich’s high period characterized by Bodmer and Breitinger.

A nice business lunch in Zurich might just see your negotiations through

Sometimes a change of scenery is just what tense negotiations need. If you have spent hours in conference rooms, just getting out of the room often can provide the breakthrough everyone has been waiting for. It provides different perspectives and a change towards a more relaxed atmosphere. That’s why a business lunch in Zurich can be much more than just grabbing a bite between agenda points, provided that lunch takes place in an inviting, stimulating environment.

The importance of business lunch in Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland’s largest city, is the economic center of the country as well as an international business hub. Looking at the large number of global companies maintaining a presence in town, it’s safe to assume that big business decisions are being made here every day and that sweeping deals are regularly signed in town. These deals and partnerships usually need a fitting setting to develop positively and that includes a time where everyone gets to know each other better and maybe exchange a few private words to make everyone feel more comfortable. Having a nice business lunch in Zurich can therefore be just as essential as your negotiating skills.

Setting the stage for your business lunch in Zurich

There are plenty of options to grab a quick bite to eat in the Zurich city area. But this isn’t really what you’re looking for when inviting business partners for lunch. Rather, the picturesque and stately setting of one of Zurich’s landmark buildings provides just the right setting. Zunfthaus zur Meisen, one of the most recognizable buildings in town, is one of the numerous representative quarters built by the influential guilds in previous centuries. It is a sight nobody should miss while in town and it’s also the perfect place to host you for your business lunch in Zurich.

The most impressive setting for your business lunch in Zurich

Taking a break from stressful work and relaxing for a few minutes, where would that work better than in the ambience of a historic building? Located in the prestigious Lindenhof quarter in the old core of the city, the Zunfthaus zur Meisen is a Rococo palace with a grand sandstone façade and an even more impressive interior. Furthermore, it is located within walking distance from many important meeting venues and thus perfectly suited for your business lunch in Zurich.

Your business lunch in Zurich, a feast for eyes and palate

While looking at the external and internal beauties of the historic guild building will provide you with pleasant memories to take home with you, it probably won’t provide you with the boost of energy you get from a nice business lunch in Zurich. However, if you choose the Zunfthaus zur Meisen for your lunch break, you can be sure that the cuisine matches the view. Drawing from seasonal ingredients, the house’s master chef creates tasty treasures for your palate.


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